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Privacy Policy

The New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs (the Consortium) is committed to insuring that our web site visitors’ privacy is protected.

Tracking “Cookies”
Many websites use a feature known as “cookies” to store information about visitors who return to a website.  The Consortium web site does not use “cookies”, and does not track or store any personal information about individual readers who visit the site.

Email Correspondence
Email correspondence between Consortium staff and our web site readers is intended only for exchanging information and improving the Consortium’s online materials and services. Emails from readers who contact us are kept private and confidential using standard email security measures, and are never publicized unless written permission is obtained from the reader.

The Consortium occasionally conducts online surveys to learn about how our readers find and use information, and how they take care of their health.  Survey participants always remain anonymous, and their individual answers remain private and confidential. Survey results are only used and presented in aggregate (grouped), for the benefit of our web site readers and Consortium members.

Online Forms
Information collected by the Consortium via online or mailed-in forms, such as Permission Requests, book orders, conference registrations, and other forms will be kept private and confidential. The Consortium will not disclose details of your personal information, or use it beyond its original and intended purpose.

Web Site Statistics
The Consortium website uses an industry-standard, secure feature to store and present aggregate web site statistics about our readers.  These web site statistics show an aggregate (group) view of, for example, what countries our readers come from, what pages on our site they most often read, and the length of their visit.  This information is gathered for the purpose of improving the online information and services we offer. Web site statistics about specific individuals is not collected or used in any way.

Policy Changes
The Consortium may amend or change this privacy policy at any time.  Policy updates will be posted here promptly.

Terms of Use & Permission Requests
Please read our Terms of Use to learn about appropriate use of the Consortium website. Please complete and submit our Permission Request Form to receive permission to use materials from the Consortium website in your publication.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about the Consortium’s privacy policy, please contact us:

New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs
1 Autumn Street, Room 526
Boston, MA  02115

Vera Anastasoaie, BA, Administrator

Susan Waisbren, PhD, Director

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