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A person has galactosemia when thier body has trouble processing a chemical called galactose. The resources in this section are for parents of babies and children with galactosemia, and also for teen girls and young women who have galactosemia and related health conditions.

Galactosemia: A Guide for Parents of Babies Recently Screened
This guide explains what galactosemia is, how to understand screening test results, and how to take care of your baby with the correct diet.

Galactosemia: Educators’ Resources – These online and print guides are for teachers with students who have galactosemia, and feature information about teaching strategies, therapies, classroom environments, teaching technologies, and other resources.

Teen with mom and doctorMoving Forward: Your Guide to Galactosemia and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)
This comprehensive five-part guide, produced at Boston Children’s Hospital, contains sections for teens and women who have galactosemia and POI, and for their family members. The guide explains the symptoms and underlying causes in easy-to-understand terms, and outlines ways of getting the care and support you need. It also provides a list of resources, and a glossary of medical terms.