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Maternal PKU & Pregnancy Resources

About PKU
About Maternal PKU
Healthy PKU Pregnancy
PKU and Genetics
Newborn Baby’s Health
PKU Nutrition & Recipes!
PKU & Pregnancy Resources
Maternal PKU Research Study

You can find additional information about planning and having a healthy PKU pregnancy on these web sites:

National PKU News
A comprehensive web site concerning most aspects of PKU, including tabs for support groups, research, and diet-related information

Save Babies Through Screening Foundation
Information about PKU and Newborn Screening (testing for disorders)

The National PKU Alliance
The NPKUA is an organization that supports local efforts to raise PKU awareness, advocacy and education, while ultimately looking for a cure.

The New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs
The New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs, an informal affiliation of healthcare providers, research scientists, and other health industry professionals collaborating to provide the best possible care and resources for patients with inborn metabolic disorders.

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