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PKU Recipes!

You’re Invited! – Join us for an Interactive PKU Cooking Class!

Weekend cookingKathy Cody, Registered dietician and PKU Account Manager at BioMarin, is hosting this fun & informative class:

WHAT: Join Chef Kevin Brown for a day of hands-on cooking the low-protein way! You will take away useful cooking and nutritional tips, as well as a variety of easy and delicious recipes for all members of the family to enjoy. At the end of the event, enjoy the recipes prepared that day!

Hear Eileen, Blakely, MS, RD, speak about “PKU and You: Advocating for Excellent Care.”

WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 2016
10AM – 2PM
Low-Phe meal will be provided

WHERE: Cambrooke Therapeutics
4 Copeland Drive
Ayer, MA 01432

COST: This special free event is designed for people with PKU and their families. It’s sponsored by BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

REGISTRATION: Register Now – Space is limited!
To reserve your space call 855-PKU-CALL (855-758-2255) or visit http://www.pkuevent.com/ayer/
Limit of three family members or friends per each person with PKU. Childcare will be provided.

PKU Recipes

These recipes were created for adults, teens, and children with PKU (phenylketonuria).  They were developed as part of the PKU Resource Mothers program at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Many of the recipes’ authors are women with PKU who managed healthy pregnancies! If you are a parent of a child or teen who has PKU, cooking together can empower them to better understand and take care of their own nutrition.

Morning Treats
The Main Dish
Sides and Such
Bread and Dough
The Sweet Finale

Morning Treats

French Toast – Using a baking mix, this quick recipe will satisfy anyone’s breakfast needs
Cinnamon Rolls – Use the “Wheat Starch Dough” starter recipe to make these morning treats
Quick & Easy Pancakes – Two ingredients makes this recipe a must-have
Mexican Quiche – Adds a little spice to the “New Dough” starter recipe for your morning fiesta
Mel’s Porridge – This Aglutella rice-based dish is just right for any visiting Goldilocks

The Main Dish

Caroline’s Mushroom Meatballs  – A delicious substitute for meatballs!
Pizza – Use the “Wheat Starch Dough” recipe to make this all-time favorite
Pierogis – A delectable dumpling dish that freezes well and satisfies everyone
Nuggets – Who says you can’t make fast-food nuggets at home?
Vegetable Chili – This recipe won’t cause any music except maybe someone singing its praise
Quick Leftover Lo Mein – Chinese takeout right from your own kitchen
“Where’s the Beef?” Beef Stew – The title says it all!
Vegetable Jambalaya – Jazz up your week with this Southern favorite
Broccoli LoPro Pasta – A quick family feast
Meatless Lasagna – This recipe has an optional meatless filling and should be served with an accordion player on the side

Sides and Such

Sautéed Green Beans with Garlic – Olive oil and garlic add some pizzazz to this old standby
Sweet Potato & Carrot Purée – This smooth recipe freezes very well and is a great way to add some color to your meal
Root-a-Mousse – Don’t be afraid of the turnips in this creamy recipe — they taste great and offer an easy make-ahead side
Microwave Glazed Carrots – Three ingredients, one bowl, and a microwave. Who could ask for anything more?
Stuffing – Who doesn’t like stuffing? Especially when it tastes like this!
Great Gravy – The name says it all for this two-ingredient recipe
“Chicken” Noodle Soup – The low Phe makes this a rainy day favorite
Vegetable Soup – An old lunchtime classic
Gazpacho – Cool summer days call for cool summer sides

Bread and Dough

Wheat Starch Dough – A great basic wheat recipe that has unlimited possibilities
New Dough – Another great basic recipe with unlimited possibilities
Breadsticks – Use the “Wheat Starch Dough” and add some garlic for a delicious side
English Muffins – Use the “Wheat Starch Dough” to make your own nooks and crannies
Honey Wheat Bread – For a subtle sweet taste, this recipe cannot be beat
Good White Bread – A nice, or shall we say, good, recipe using Nutricia Wel-Plan baking mix
Swiss Tart Pastry Dough – A great basic pastry dough recipe for European delights and American pot pies
Bagels – Experience old New York when you use the “Wheat Starch Dough” to make these all-day treats
Scones – Using Cambrooke Foods® MixQuick, these are a British delight, with or without tea
Simple Focaccia Bread – Another MixQuick recipe to add a little Italian touch to an everyday meal
Biscuits – These melt-in-your-mouth treats make down-home cooking complete

The Sweet Finale – PKU Desserts

Amazing Chocolate Cake – This recipe makes amazing chocolate cake (or whoopie pies or cupcakes…)
Wacky Spice Cake – Add a little wackiness to spice up your dessert life
Fantastic Basic Cookie – Start here and use your imagination to provide infinite sweet finales
Fantastic Cookie Variations – Recipes include: chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip cookies, spice cookies, sugar cookies and coconut cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies – Nothing like a warm peanut butter cookie to brighten a ho-hum lunch
Best Banana Bread – You can’t beat Best Banana Bread for breakfast or anytime
Fruit Salsa – Use as a topping for ice-cream, pancakes, tortillas, toast…
Candy-Coated Raisins – For when you need something to take to the movies
Lo-Pro Cheesecake – No one can resist cheesecake, especially when it’s this good
Butter Almond Crescent Cookies – An excellent recipe for those special occasions
“Eggless” Egg Nog – An easy recipe for helping spread holiday cheer

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