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Caroline's Mushroom Meatballs

A low-protein recipe for kids and adults with PKU —
by Denise Queally

100 g lo-pro shredded cheese (150mg Phe)
2 jars (300 g) portabella marinated mushrooms (260 mg Phe)
jar of roasted peppers (Shaw’s Signature Brand 20 mg Phe)
22 g yellow banana peppers (or 1/3 cup salsa) (25 mg Phe)
250 g Progresso Italian breadcrumbs* (225 mg Phe)
140 g Barilla marinara sauce* (65mg Phe)
¼ cup olive oil
garlic powder, onion powder and lo-pro cheese powder to taste

Mix all ingredients and blend on low for 45 seconds or until texture is smooth. Wet hands with a bit of olive oil. Shape mixture into approximately 260 “mini” meatballs (between a nickel and a quarter).  Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes rolling over once until golden brown.  Add extra marinara sauce to taste, making sure to calculate Phe for added sauce.

Total Phe in recipe: 745 mg*
Total Phe in one mini meatball: approx 3 mg

*You can lower the Phe by substituting lo-pro breadcrumbs (made from lo-pro bread), and lo-pro tomato sauce.

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