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Great Gravy

A low-protein recipe for kids and adults with PKU —
by Dianne Sullivan

6 Tbl butter
6 Tbl wheat starch

Melt butter, add wheat starch and stir.  Add water or vegetable broth or a combination of both to the mixture until it reached the consistency you desire.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Depending upon the Phe tolerance, you can add 1 package Herb-Ox® Chicken broth and seasoning mix.  Adding the chicken broth and seasoning adds about 30 mg Phe to the total batch.  You could also use GWashington’s® seasoning to taste.  Without the chicken seasoning, the recipe has only a trace of Phe.

Hint: Freeze gravy in small containers.  With the stuffing above, this can be added to a meal with some cranberry sauce.
Hint: Use brown food coloring to make a deep gravy color.

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