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Swiss Tart Pastry Dough

A low-protein recipe for kids and adults with PKU —
from the Resource Mothers Handbook

6 Tbl butter
2 cups Dietary Specialties™ DP Low Protein Baking Mix
¼ cup heavy cream
¼ cup water (adding a little at a time)

Blend butter into baking mix using pastry blender – or fingers, they work best! Add heavy cream and some of water. Blend wet and dry ingredients until mixture forms a nice dough ball. Press into a 7 x 9-inch baking dish for a thick crust of use half of the tough for a thinner crust.

Yield: this crust – 8 servings, or thick crust – 4 servings.

Fillings can be made using your own creativity. In Switzerland, apples, sugar and cinnamon are used for a dessert pastry or leeks in a cream sauce for a meal/appetizer pastry.

Total PHE per recipe: 36 mg

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