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Transition Toolkit

Welcome to the Boston Children’s Hospital Transition Toolkit!

As a teenager getting ready for adulthood, or as a young adult, you can begin to take control of how you handle your metabolic condition and your health in general. This Toolkit is designed to help you! To start, read through these materials and fill out the forms. You can also begin to look for an adult-focused doctor to replace your pediatrician who only deals with childhood problems. This process of switching to an adult-focused doctor is called medical care transition and takes time and planning — but once it’s done, it will be great for your future health and success.

Printable Transition Toolkits Print complete Transition Toolkit

Use the following forms to help achieve your medical care transition

Save these forms on your computer and bring them to future medical appointments

What am I supposed to do with these forms?

Measure your health independence by taking the Health Readiness Assessment and over time try to answer yes to every question.

Read up on your Metabolic Condition Basics and discuss possible adult-health problems with your doctors or nurses.

Ask a doctor or social worker for help filling out the Medical Health Summary and Transition Plan and at your next appointment

Save these forms on your computer and USB flash drive and bring the Transition Toolkit to every medical appointment.

Keep the flash drive in your wallet or purse and save any changes or updates.

Ask a doctor to help you fill out your forms

Ask a doctor to help you fill out your forms

How will The Transition Toolkit help me?

With the toolkit you can:

Decide when you’re ready to act as your own health spokesperson.

Prepare for doctor’s appointments and fill out health forms.

Talk to doctors and nurses about your medical condition and what roles they should play in your medical care.

Keep track of all of your important medical and condition information.

To get started, fill out the Health Readiness form


Printable Transition Toolkits Print complete Transition Toolkit

This project was developed at Boston Children’s Hospital by Alison Logan, MA, and Susan Waisbren, PhD, Director of the New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs, with additional writing and editing by Freedom Baird, MA. The project was supported by the New England Genetics Collaborative and their cooperative agreement with the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), grant number U22MC10980.