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Prenatal Education Resources

These resources were developed for prenatal educators to use in teaching expectant parents about newborn screening for metabolic disorders.

Care provider's hands and baby's feetNewborn Screening Guide for Prenatal Educators
This eleven-page booklet contains information and resources based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Included information and resources for parents, as well as information about each metabolic disorder including incidence rate, a brief definition, and recommmended treatment options.

Newborn Screening Prenatal Curriculum
This curriculum, developed in conjunction with the Prenatal Educators’ Guide, outlines ten goals for prenatal educators when teaching expectant parents about newborn screening.

Newborn Screening Guide for Parents
This printable two-page brochure is for distribution to expecting parents and also to parents of newborns. It is especially helpful to parents who come to clinic after a positive newborn screening result. The brochure explains in easy-to-understand language why newborn screening for metabolic disorders is essential, how it is done, how to understand the results, and what parents can do if follow-up testing is recommended for their baby.

Newborn Screening Report Card
This printable card is for familes of newborns to use in their baby books or photo albums, to keep track of screening for their babies. It contains a checklist of disorders screened for, and important follow-up information and resources, if needed.

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