PKU Toolkit - A Guide to PKU Management for Teens and Young Adults - Produced by Children's Hospital Boston, Applied Nutrition, and the New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs

Checklists, Brochures, and Sample Letters

These are the checklists, brochures, and sample letters that can be found throughout this PKU Toolkit. We put them all in one place for your convenience!

College and PKU - guide for managing PKU and staying healthy at college

College Letter - sample letter to send to student health services at college

Exercise and Weight - ideas and tips for exercising to keep healthy

Formula Brochure - tips for making formula a part of your daily life

Goal Sheet - worksheet to write down your goals for managing your PKU diet

Healthcare Skills Checklist - for your health care provider to fill out about you

Insurance Brochure - guide to getting insurance coverage for formula and food

Insurance Contact - worksheet to organize all your insurance info in one place

Insurance Letter - letter to insurance company about covering food and formula

Intake Form - for your health care provider to fill out and keep in your records

Maternal PKU Brochure - guide for managing PKU during your pregnancy

OTIS Maternal PKU Brochure - more info on having a health pregnancy

Parents' Checklist - for parents to see what their teen can do and needs help with

Pharmacist Letter - for your pharmacist to make sure your prescriptions are filled

PKU Brochure - about controlling phe throughout your life

Transition Brochure - a guide to going from teen years to being an adult with PKU

Wallet Card - health info cards to fill out, print, and keep in your wallet

PKU Toolkit
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