PKU Toolkit - A Guide to PKU Management for Teens and Young Adults - Produced by Children's Hospital Boston, Applied Nutrition, and the New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs

Welcome to the PKU Toolkit

Congratulations! If you are a teen or a young adult with PKU, then you have just taken a step in the right direction. Whether you are already managing your diet or just returning to it, this PKU Toolkit will help you on your way to better PKU control and better health!

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Who might find this Toolkit helpful?

People returning to the diet
Depending on how long you have been off diet, you may be surprised to see how many new options in PKU formula and low-protein foods now exist. These new products are designed to make following the PKU diet easy, convenient and tasty. This guide will help you learn more about your dietary options. Maintaining a healthy PKU diet is challenging, but there are ways to overcome the obstacles!

People on the PKU diet
You may already know just how important staying on the diet is for your health and well being. This Toolkit will give you more information, tools, and tips to make your journey with a PKU diet easier.

People interested in learning more about PKU
This Toolkit can serve as a complete guide to PKU, its treatment, and related issues. Reading and using the Toolkit can be useful for family members and friends of people who have PKU.

Remember: Having all the support you can get is important for managing your disorder.

About the ToolKit

Teen with dish of food.This Toolkit is designed to be your personal guide for managing PKU. In the Toolkit you'll find information and resources that we think are important for young adults with PKU, and which can make your life easier.

You'll find information about diet, exercise, travel, and living a healthy lifestyle. And also about transitioning to life as an adult, including how to handle doctor visits and health insurance.

For young women who want to become pregnant some day, there's a section on maternal PKU, and how to keep your baby healthy.

Think of the Toolkit as a personal helper. Fill out the check lists and quizzes! They will help you better manage your PKU. You'll also find pages for collecting and printing useful information, so all your PKU info can be organized in one place.


PKU Toolkit
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