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The text and images used on this website are intended for educational purposes ONLY. The New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs cannot control how the recipient uses or shares this information, and laws protecting its confidentiality on the website may or may not protect the information once it has been disclosed to the recipient.

Interactive features on this website provide opportunities for users to exchange information. User-generated information can be used to form a consensus or aggregate of opinions to present relevant information for the benefit of the general audience. The Consortium does not regularly monitor, screen or approve user information. However, the host Web site reserves the right to deny or remove any such information deemed libelous or offensive to others. Guidelines are given that are intended to promote interactivity while observing the highest level of proper conduct and Internet etiquette. To permit meaningful discourse, all participants must recognize that a free exchange does not validate the integrity or accuracy of user-generated information. As a condition of use, all users consent to an open debate of the subject matter, and agree that no claims will be brought against any other participant as a result of the use of the features offered in this website.

PKU Toolkit
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